What You Need to Know About Designing Your First Home

So, you've decided to design your own house in Edmonton? It's no surprise. If you’re like most first-time home buyers, you probably have a mental image of your “dream home,” yet finding an existing house that matches that vision is rare.

That’s why many people turn to custom home designs. There are many things to consider when building a home. Below you will find the essential items you need to think about before getting started.

1. Consider your costs.

As with purchasing an existing home, you will need to have enough money saved up to build your home, or you will need to consider your financing options. But first, it’s important to have a clear idea of how much it will all cost including construction materials, labour, architectural consulting services in Edmonton, fixtures, and furnishings. An architect or a civil engineer can help you create an accurate budget for your dream house. Then you will know how much you need to save or finance.

2. Keep it affordable.

Size is an important consideration. For example, if you want a large home you can expect to pay more for mortgage payments, property taxes, maintenance, and utilities. It’s no secret that people often go over budget when designing their own home. During the building process, it’s easy to go over budget on upgrades like construction materials, fixtures, and furniture. Think carefully about the space you'll need for your family and what you can afford long-term to avoid regrets later down the road when you’re living in it.

3. Consider your needs.

Your lifestyle is an important factor when designing your house. Do you have a growing family? Do you want a swimming pool? A recreation room? What will make your home comfortable to live in? Do you have frequent guests? Do you enjoy entertaining? Jot down your nice-to-have's and your steadfast needs such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms. The list can act as a guide for you when working with a professional designer.

4. Leave it in the hands of professionals.

Once you have assessed your needs, wants, location and budget, it’s time to talk with professionals who can help with your house plans. Find a designer in Edmonton who understands your vision and can provide examples of homes he/she has completed with similar layouts. Once you have the design finalized and your blueprints ready, you’ll need contractors to build your home. Home designers are often able to recommend reputable builders.

Finding architectural consulting services in Edmonton

Whether it’s stock plans or an entirely custom home design, Edmonton trusts the professionals at Classic Residential Design Inc. Contact us to learn how we can make your dream home vision a dream come true.

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